Artala Design is

Tailored Unique True To You.

It’s not a look, but a feeling: It’s the sense that a space doesn’t merely fit you, but reflects you, fulfills you, feeds your soul. Artala is a bespoke interior design experience rooted in the luxuries of specificity and service. It is tailored to you. It is true to you. And every detail is managed for you. We elevate where life happens—so you can discover the art of living.


The most meaningful living spaces achieve more than alignment with your lifestyle; they are rooted in your personality, your journey through life. This couple’s eclectic mix of artwork, collected on their travels throughout the years, helped to create a home that is fun yet refined, functional yet endlessly interesting.

The Details

  • Custom Lighting
  • Cohesive Shapes
  • Colorful, Inviting, Energetic


Every element in a redesigned space should contribute to a sense of cohesion—connecting both to the surroundings and with those who will immerse themselves in the new environment. In need of personality and energy, this 1980s home has been transformed into a setting in which colors and textures blend to make the whole far greater than the sum of its parts. 

The Details

  • Local Commissioned Artwork
  • Natural Elements
  • Casual, Livable Elegance


Open space requires careful consideration: A delicate balance is necessary to achieve the right mix of flow and structure. The living areas in this waterfront property were almost too expansive, but with furnishings that foster connection, and design touches that create subtle boundaries, the home now has a sense of intimacy.    

The Details

  • Industrial and Organic Accents
  • Splashes of Color
  • Open Yet Intimate

A design experience that is personal, original, intentional. 

Architecture. Design. Innovation. Crafting thoughtful, stylish spaces requires a unique balance of skills—a blend that Artala founder Amy May has honed over nearly two decades as an interior design and interior architecture professional. Even more vital, however, is her innate ability to help clients articulate and refine their own vision. Because the most vital component in the art of living is you.