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Interior architecture Amy May

Creator, Designer, Storyteller.


The bespoke experience at Artala begins with Amy May, our founder. More than an interior designer, she’s an architectural designer—one with a unique perspective honed through years in both the construction and design worlds. She created Artala because she understands there is a gap between simply filling spaces and filling one’s soul: Those who seek the latter deserve a firm that transcends the traditional, with experts who recognize the work isn’t complete until the results are transformative.

Here, you need not concern yourself with the process, only preferences—because the only constant in our approach is that you are the focal point. Every project is custom, with your needs, your desires, your dreams informing each step.

We collaborate with you as you wish. Some of our clients point us in a specific direction and step back— relishing the freedom to live their lives, knowing every detail will be expertly managed and regular communication will provide opportunities for discussion. Others remain involved throughout their project, taking part in even the most minute selections. Most fall somewhere in between. But all share a sense of confidence, secure in the knowledge that they have a guide on this journey, and there are no limits to what we can achieve.

Our lives are fluid, always changing and evolving. So, too, can be the spaces in which we spend our time. If you seek an environment that better reflects how you live and who you are today, along with a partner that offers an elevated level of both expertise and service, we invite you to connect.

Your Space. Your Style. Your Story.

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