Newly redesigned contemporary style living room with four relaxed modern chairs. Large windows allowing for natural light.


Each detail in a thoughtfully designed environment is chosen to elicit a specific response, to connect with its surroundings, to enhance the experience.

Sentimental artifacts, unique artwork, distinct furnishings. All have their own identities, yet together, they can become something greater—contributing to a space that feels cohesive, intentional, inspiring.

This client had begun to visualize the pieces that could transform her drab 1980s home. But the bigger picture wasn’t in focus.

Creating Harmony

Before we could solve this puzzle, we needed to create it, to define that picture. Only then could we consider where each individual piece would go.

Photos provided initial inspiration, with personal touches such as cherished mementos and commissioned art ensuring that the space would be truly hers—and truly feel like her.

An open kitchen now invites and engages. A new master bath offers views of Lake Washington and the Cascades. The colorful dining area adds brightness, energy, personality.

Finding The Details

Meaningful personal items are methodically placed throughout the space, lending to the textures, shapes, and patterns that infuse the home with subtle elegance.

Custom artwork reflects the desired mood for specific areas—ethereal in the living room, a colorful beach-inspired piece for the dining room. 

Structurally, enlarged door openings improve flow and connection. Glass patio doors add an indoor/outdoor vibe. With new paint, the natural 1980s woodwork feels fresh and vibrant.

A Space Defined in Balance

Bright and airy, with a sense of warmth and familiarity, this space is more than the sum of its parts. It inspires and invigorates, enhancing the connection of its inhabitants through its own cohesive style.

Your Space. Your Style. Your Harmony.

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