Artistic functional B&B Italia striped red chair & ottoman with glass & metal clustered pendant lights in Seattle Blue Ridge


It all began with the red striped chair.

A rebellious 1969 creation by designer Gaetano Pesce, the “Serie Up” chair has a story: Its shape was meant as a political message, one denouncing the poor treatment of women in the world.

Full of style and meaning, it perfectly represents the flair of this colorful, vibrant couple.

Their space needed to express this energy and a sense of purpose.

With the red striped chair as our inspiration, we embarked on the journey.

Creating Expression

We began by adding color, creating warmth, and unifying the space. The kitchen was reimagined to improve storage, enhance flow, and provide seamless connection for gatherings in the living and dining areas.

A new gable roof maximizes sunlight and views of the Sound and Olympic Mountains throughout all three areas, while an extended deck enables effortless movement between indoors and out—perfect for entertaining and enjoying glorious sunsets.

Finding the Details

Vibrant colors are everywhere, yet balanced with the neutral feel of the counters and natural teak cabinets. They demand attention but never overwhelm.

Every element has a purpose: furniture with rounded lines to balance the straight edges of the architectural elements; an abstract, whimsical light fixture contrasting the heavy dining table; copper plumbing fittings for the stairwell railing to add an industrial touch.

A Space Defined in Whimsy

The new space feels energetic and alive. It has a sense of understated confidence—the freedom to be bold, unconventional, and unapologetic. This is a space that engages those within it, and that elegantly expresses the personality of its owners.

Your Space. Your Style. Your Expression.

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