Renovated transitional style living room with black fireplace, large windows allowing natural light and beautiful ocean views


Space is an interior design element in and of itself, much like white space utilized by a graphic designer in a logo or brochure. However, it must be used strategically: Too little, and a home or room may feel crowded and busy; too much, and the calming effects of open space can be overwhelmed by a feeling of emptiness.

Years before, this mid-century A-frame had been remodeled to create expansive, airy living areas. But now the owners were seeking a more intimate feel, with spaces conducive to gathering and relaxing—all while maintaining the home’s overall flow and Puget Sound sightlines.

Creating Tranquility

The open floor plan offered a blank canvas of sorts. We needed to add character and functionality, giving additional structure to free-flowing spaces while retaining the home’s laid-back energy and beauty.

Inspiration was abundant: Expansive windows offer stunning views of the sound, and the clients sought design elements that complement this natural tranquility, rather than taking the focus away from it.

The kitchen, living room, and dining room now blend simplicity and visual interest. Industrial and organic accents create contrast. Furnishings foster both connection and quiet reflection, whichever is desired in the moment.

Finding The Details

We selected splashes of color, industrial touches, and subtle nods to the beach with driftwood and glass, maintaining the natural feel while infusing a bit of personality.

Large local artwork and a massive clock help to define the space, creating subtle boundaries. A large dining table, visible from the kitchen and living room, inspires conversation. Swivel chairs provide both flexibility and a whimsical touch.

A Space Defined in Relaxation

Open yet intimate, energetic yet relaxed, today the reimagined first floor allows people to connect in any number of ways—with each other, with nature, even with themselves.

Your Space. Your Style. Your Tranquility.

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