Bar nook with unique colorful glass sculpture and light wood cabinets.


In its original spiritual and philosophic definition, earth, air, water, and fire are elements that were believed to be essential to life.

And while they may not be foundational to life itself, these elements nonetheless play a significant role in how we live.

The client wanted to incorporate their home’s physical surroundings into their lifestyle, layering organic and architectural components to create an elegant yet livable space.

Creating Elements

Nearly 30 years after purchasing their home, these clients were ready to transform it into the one they’d always envisioned.

Structurally and aesthetically, the project was inspired largely by the couple’s love for entertaining. A lighter, more minimal feel includes a larger kitchen that now flows into the dining and living areas, while artwork, lighting, and pops of color add personality and joy.

Finding the Details

Nearly every material selected is rooted in water or other natural elements, from Oceano countertops to a teak coffee table that we made suitable for dining use by adding a custom metal twist base.

Original and commissioned art, exclusively from Gray Sky Gallery, reflects the couple’s personality while creating a vibrant, lively feel throughout. We enhanced functionality as well: Creative storage solutions wrap from the kitchen into the hallway, and a coffee station, bar area, and separate preparation spaces provide flow and allow guests to mingle.

The vibe is casual yet elegant, perhaps best exemplified by a cluster of handblown glass droplets above the dining table—which offer the perfect blend of refinement and whimsy.

A Space Defined by Lightness

Once dark and lacking flow, the home now is light and airy, with views of the Cascades and Lake Washington that complement the overall aesthetic. It is modern yet classic, open yet defined, both a sanctuary and gathering space designed to place this couple fully in their element.

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